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Kristen's Corner # 2

Just DU It!

Just DU It!
When I lived in New Jersey, come spring you find, on any given weekend a 5k, 10k or duathlon.
When I moved here, I found that this was not the case. So for years I thought about putting a duathlon together. Three years ago I sent out an email to see if anyone was up for a duathlon in April. I got about 15 people, same for the second year . Finally someone suggested I make it official and so was born the Du The Lakes Duathlon.
If you’ve never been part of multi-sport , duathlon is a great introduction to it, mainly because there’s no swimming, which can really make or break someone's decision to enter into the world of multi-sport. If you’ve been toying with the idea of triathlon but worried because your not a swimmer, duathlon is a great way to get a feel of what triathlon/multi-sport is all about, without feeling the pressure or anxiety of an open water swim. We do this for fun, not to be stressed out!
If you’re a tri-veteran, an early season duathlon is a great way to measure fitness, practice transition and nutrition. You’d be surprised as to how easy it is to forget what it feels like to transition from bike to run. You can get all the kinks out before your first triathlon: kind of a dress rehearsal for the real thing.
Duathlon can be a welcomed change of pace. We get into the same pattern of swim; bike ; run over and over. Change is good. Change keeps the body on it’s toes. Give your body something different to do and it’s going to respond differently only making it stronger.
Ok, so now your fired up to give Duathlon a go. How do you approach race day? Typically you’ll want to run the first leg of the run at a slightly slower pace than you would for a normal 5k (if that is the distance, such as in Du The Lakes). Running at your typical 5k pace will only blow out your legs. Remember, you still have another 5k to do after the bike. You’ll want to pace yourself on the bike the same way you would a triathlon and then the second leg of the run let r’ rip. Pace as you would for a sprint tri/ 5k.
Duathlon is a great way to get in some early season competition before the summer tri season begins, or if you’re a newbie, to get your feet wet without the stress of an open water swim!
Du the Lakes is May 7th at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville. You run and bike on the same course as the Green Lakes Triathlon. Yet another great reason to come out and do the DU!

Registration for Du The Lakes can be found at www.

Happy Training!