It's All About the Ride....

About Our Store

When you come into the Bike Loft, you might wonder why we ask you so many questions. Its because we want to get to know you. This way, we can help you get the most from your biking experience. By gathering as much information as we can from you, we can make suggestions on bike type and fit. We can even make suggestions on accessories that will enhance your comfort and enjoyment.

We also ask questions because we like to make new friends and invite them to join us in the sport and lifestyle that has been such a positive force in our lives. We would like to take the opportunity to ride with you, build trails with you, race with you and introduce you to some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet, our CUSTOMERS. Please join us.

Our History

  • 1985 Bike Loft founded by mother and son duo Lance and Marion Stonecipher. Lance begins mountain biking in Central New York

  • 1987 Bike Loft truly becomes a loft with opening of second floor. Freestyle bikes are a large part of Bike Loft's success. A young Dave Mirra is a member of the Bike Loft freestyle team.

  • 1987 Lance graduates from Barnett Bicycle Institute, the nation's leading intensive training program for bicycle mechanics. Brings back new techniques and technologies to better service and repairs.

  • 1988 Bike Loft sponsors the first of several mountain bike races in CNY. The tradition continues today.

  • 1990 Mountain Bikes become the main focus among adult bikes. New advances in materials and components are closely followed, including the first suspension forks by Rock Shox.

  • 1991 The first full suspension Mountain Bikes are available. Bike Loft leads the way in knowledge and service. Marion continues to anchor the freestyle department.

  • 1992 Tracy Liesche (Stonecipher) joins the Bike Loft staff and gives a unique hardcore woman's perspective to the shop.

  • 1993 Lance leads mountain bike rides every Sunday for Onondaga Cycling Club at various places across CNY.

  • 1994 Lance and Tracy get married. Bike Hawaii's exclusive North Shore on their honeymoon.

  • 1995 Lance and three other area cyclists found CNY D.I.R.T. (Dedicated Individuals for Responsible Trail-use) Central New York's first off road cycling and trail maintenance advocacy organization. Sunday rides become D.I.R.T. rides and the organization quickly gains membership.

  • 1996 Lance goes back to Barnett. Completes and excells in the Elite Technician course. This helps fine tune his own expertise and the shop's service department.

  • 1998 Tracy and Lance attend the first Bicycle Retailers Education Conference (BREC) to learn how to further enhance courteous customer service.

  • 1999 The Bike Loft continues to be distinctive with a friendly, knowledgeable sales force, extensive technical expertise and a complete selection of bikes, parts and accessories for every need.

  • 2001 A Bike Loft Odyssey! Bike Loft joins the 21st century- introduces a new interactive website designed to aid customers with general bike knowledge, product choices and riding and repair tips.