DIRT Saves the Day

We here at DIRT take our trail maintenance seriously. It has to be the largest source of pride for us as mountain bikers. It is a symbol of our dedication to our sport and our way of life. It showcases our resolve to enjoy nature and also to help preserve it. It's also a lot of fun. So next time we have a trail maintenance day, come out and join us and see what you're missing. The Spring of 2003 certainly put us to the test. We had a very nasty ice storm just as the riding season was getting under way. We put in well over a hundred man-hours trying to put Great Bear and Highland Forest back into some semblance of shape. We also contended with the remnants of this storm at many of our other riding areas. Here are a few pictures from the work we did that Spring.
Todd directs work from his position of Maintenance Chairman
Watch those fingers!
Charlie and Todd chiseling away at the mess
Charlie helping MJ lop some branches
Just a glimpse of the chaos
We literally had to wade in
At times the work was back breaking
These logs were pretty hefty
Evetually we made progress