It's All About the Ride....

DIRT: What is DIRT?

CNY DIRT was originally formed by three individuals concerned about trail closures in the Central New York area. They saw a need for an organization to act as a liaison between trail users and trail managers and to help facilitate maintenance and educational programs. The primary mission of CNY DIRT is to promote the acceptance of mountain bicycling as a safe, fun, legitimate and environmentally sound use of the land.

CNY DIRT advocates stewardship, responsible trail use and a close rapport with various land administrators to prevent trail closures and open appropriate trails to bicyclists. CNY DIRT will work to educate all trail users about bicycles, safety, local regulations and proper multi-use trail etiquette through rides, workshops and literature. Our rides are just one of the many ways to become associated with other members. familiar with local trails and an excellent bonding activity for you, your bike and the land.

CNY DIRT is affiliated with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), the leading trail cycling advocacy organization. CNY DIRT works closely with IMBA on the local and national level using their rules, guidelines and moving towards true multi-use trail systems.

Who is in DIRT?

All the activities and events undertaken by CNY DIRT are coordinated by a number of hard working individuals. At this time, we have five specific committees, each with its own focus. 'We' would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their past and future efforts to help make CNY DIRT a fun and effective organization.

Lance Stonecipher: Executive Director/Treasurer

Todd Enders: Maintenance Chairman

Nathan Anderson: Ride Chairman

Lynn Decker Anderson: Membership Chairman

Tracy Stonecipher: Guide Designer

If you are interested in joining any of these committees or just voicing your opinion, contact the appropriate committee Chairman.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at 8:00pm on the second Monday of every month. October, 2010, meeting will be held at the Blue Tusk in Armory Square in downtown Syracuse. Future meeting location is TBD. Meetings are informal and a great opportunity to get to know your fellow members, make suggestions, and learn more about DIRT.


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