It's All About the Ride....

Great Bear May 11, 2008

With 15 riders on a nice sunny day, how could we not have fun?
WHen Dave falls in the middle of the woods, does he make a sound?
The whole gand (Except the photographer)
Joe Mama in the Stream
Missy in the stream
Diane in the Wheelwash
Dave in the stream
Diane climbing from the lock
And Lance's turn
Russ's turn
Gawking at the hill climbers
Take two
Nate's turn
North Shore
Russ on the ladder bridge
Fizz hits the ground
Diane trying out the low tree
Graeme's turn for the limbo
Dave's turn for the limbo
Graeme Struggling with that Bolt
Dave and Graeme at work
Joe hits the new skinny
Dave on the skinny
Dave finishing the skinny
Some trillium in bloom