It's All About the Ride....

Proof that we have all been riding

Yes, there have been rides taking place every week. We just haven't had time to put them all up here, so here you are, lots o' pictures of our favorite people, YOU!
Graeme out in front on the Labrador Loop ride
Great picture of Lynn at Spencer Park
Charlie riding!
Bill descending on the Labrador Loop
Jeff coming down
Russ leads Jeff
Young speeding through
Picture of infield at Highland
Kelly ripping it up at Killington
Tracy getting Warmed up
Rick takes it to the next level at Killington
Gary seems pretty comfortable
Tracy works her magic on the Killington terrain
Russ between flat tires
That bike might be overkill here
Rick on a Killington rockface
Me on the same Rockface
Group ride on a soggy day
How's that for a good looking group?
Heads I win, tails you lose