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Specialized CPRO2 Pump
Get the convenience of CO2 inflation in a super-small pump that can be carried anywhere with Specialized's Cpr02 Pump. This little inflator boasts speedy, controlled inflation with the power of compressed CO2 and uses threaded cartridges
Specialized Combo2 Pump
Get the speed of CO2 inflation and the reliability of a traditional hand pump with Specialized's Combo2. This compact pump that easily fits in a jersey pocket or pack includes a threaded 16-gram CO2 cartridge that stores inside the handle ready for use. You can use the CO2 to inflate your tire or pump to fill it (with the cartridge still inside the handle). There's even a pressure-relief button for fine-tuning your tire pressure.
Specialized Windpipe Frame-Mount Shock Pump
Specialized's Windpipe Frame-Mount Shock Pump is a powerful inflator that fits both Schrader and Presta valves. But wait, there's more! It's also a full range, 0 to 220psi precision shock pump as well. With a simple twist, the Windpipe switches from tire to shock mode, and the T-handle, swivel hose and built-in gauge make it super easy to use, while the aluminum construction ensures excellent durability.
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