Our Mission Statement

To bring the joy we feel riding,

in all its forms, to all people.


About our store

What make us different

When you come into the Bike Loft, you might wonder why we ask you so many questions. Its because we want to get to know you. This way, we can help you get the most from your biking experience. By gathering as much information as we can from you, we can make informed suggestions on bike type and fit. We can even make suggestions on accessories that will enhance your comfort and enjoyment. We also ask questions because we like to make new friends and invite them to join us in the sport and lifestyle that has been such a positive force in our lives. We would like to take the opportunity to ride with you, build trails with you, race with you and introduce you to some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet, our CUSTOMERS. Please join us!


It’s all about the ride!


Our Wheel House

What we offer

To us, bike sales are not just about selling something. It’s about fostering a love of riding and expanding the cycling community. We carry products that we use ourselves and that we feel will enhance the riders experience. Products and accessories from companies like Specialized Biking Components, Garmin, Serfas, Cyclops. We are all riders putting gear under constant testing. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t personally put on our own bikes.

We know that the best rides are on a steed that is solid and working flawlessly. That’s why we pride ourselves in delivering to you the best service around. We use the best tools from Park Tool. We have trained technicians who have combined experience of over 50 years in the bike industry. But we don’t rest on our laurels. Constant training, updating, attending seminars and clinics keeps us on the cutting edge of bicycling technology. All so we can apply that knowledge to fixing your most prized possession….your bike.

We know where the best rides are…. whether it’s any one of our shop rides or pointing you to the knarliest trail. We’ve seen it all, we’ve raced it all, we do it all, we’ve done it all! We can recommend riding venues, racing opportunities or just simple advice on how and when to shift. We love to talk bikes! (Who doesn’t?) We want you to enjoy the sport as much as we all do. We can help you find whatever two-wheeled nirvana you are looking for!

Nirvana can only be achieved when you become one with your bike. That cannot happen if you are uncomfortable or worse, it becomes painful. Pain greatly curtails your riding performance and starts to shorten your ride time; not to mention being a big damper on your overall enjoyment. That’s why we are adamant about bike fit! RIDING A BIKE SHOULD NOT BE PAINFUL. Unless, of course, it’s your legs yelling at you. (Just tell them to shut up!) Too many people believe they “just have to deal with it” or might not even know that a better way exists. Medical Bike Fit and Assessment takes your whole body into consideration (not just your legs). Our bike fitters go even one step further and take the whole person into consideration- mind, body and spirit. We assess not only your position on your bike but your hopes and dreams for the future. Correct bike fit can increase efficiency, increase ride time, race times and, of course GREATLY increase your positive experience on the bike. We can make you feel like a kid again!