Lance Stonecipher


Lance has been around bikes his entire life. Growing up, he was in and out of his uncle’s shop until, in 1984, Lance purchased it from him. He then attended Barnett Bicycle Institute to hone his skills and complete his training as a premier bike mechanic. That same year he bought his first mountain bike (the first of many) which gave birth to a life-long love of the sport. Two wheels with a human powered engine and Lance rides it or repairs it! Fast forward 35 years later….Lance is still here, fixing bikes, building wheels, setting up suspension, teaching skills clinics and mechanics classes, still kicking ass on a mountain bike, on a road bike, on a downhill bike (thanks to following his wife into the foray of Downhill MTB racing), racing Enduro, racing Crits, racing Cyclocross. He’s a founding member and current Executive Director of CNY DIRT. While biking is his heart, Lance is the soul of the Loft and, dare I say, local legend. If it involves a bike, Lance is involved with it!


Tracy Stonecipher

Queen bee

All her life, Tracy has been riding bikes. She’s felt more at home on two wheels than on her own two feet. 25 years ago, she walked into a small family run bike shop in North Syracuse to buy a bike. The handsome young owner asked her to go riding and, knowing he could keep her in bikes all her life, she up and married that boy! The rest, as they say, is history. Tracy followed Lance everywhere on a bike….up pavement hills, down singletrack mountains, through racing and riding and leading groups on and offroad to being a founding member of CNY DIRT and teaching Mountain Bike skills clinics. Her biking accomplishments aside, Tracy is the heart of the Loft. Walk in, be greeted by her welcoming smile and put her bike-matchmaking skills to the test. She’ll find you the right bike and then…take you riding.

Tracy and Luke.jpg

Jim Hunter


Jim’s career as a bike mechanic started early when he started taking his bike apart at the age of 8. By 11 he was the go-to mechanic for all the neighborhood kids. That knack for fixing things carried through to adulthood along with a love for bikes and biking he never outgrew. Jim came the Bike Loft 11 years ago and quickly became a valued member of the family. Have a problem with your bike? Bring it in and put his trouble-shooting and repair skills to the test.


Jamie Campbell

spin doctor

Or more accurately, the “Fit Doctor”. Jamie coined the accurate term “medical bike fit” since that is exactly what he does. A coach and trainer, he has a passion for performance. His experience helping people bring out the best in themselves starts by setting them up with their best fit on the bike. The right fit translates into stronger rides, faster times and an overall better riding experience. An accomplished rider and racer in his own right, Jamie leads shop rides that will push anyone to the brink and back again, challenging you to ride your best.


David Clifton

many miles

Formerly of Mike’s Bikes in Auburn for 10 years, David came to us in 2018 and in a short time it felt like he’d always been a part of the family! When David is not wrenching, he’s traveling. That’s where he got his “white Indian” name Many Miles. He’s been across the country 2x. His bike tires have touched down in all 48 contiguous states. He’s done multiple rides across NY state. He’s hiked the Appalacian Trail unsupported. To say he has the “wanderlust” is an understatement!! But also loves bikes and loves to help people. He’s also a great entertainer always joking and laughing with customers. So if you need a “tune-up and a show”, David is your man!!